On the 9th of March, on the occasion of the International Women’s Day, IBM wants to promote women’s visibility in the professional world, and for this reason, this multinational company has organized “IBM International Women’s Day”, an event considered to be primarily organized for universities.

Each year hundreds of events are celebrated in order to celebrate women and foster equality. We create a global connection between all the women in the world through business conferences, political events and network activities, etc, in this way we commemorate this important day.

The event will take place in the IBM Client Center and will include guests such as Carmen Plaza Martín, Professor of Administrative Law and Constitutional Court Attorney; or Sonia Contera, Professor of Physics at the University of Oxford who will talk, together with other guests, on the equality, rights and opportunities and the role of female executives in their workplace.

Posted by Juan M. Corchado

Vicerrector de Investigación y Transferencia - Universidad de Salamanca // Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer - University of Salamanca

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