Rubén Martín, a new member of the group BISITE

Rubén Martín García joined the BISITE research group at the University of Salamanca.

He did his MSc in Artificial Intelligence at The Technical University of Madrid, this is where he began his research with a Computational Cognitive Robotics group, led by Darío Maravall Gómez-Allende. He wrote his MSc thesis on social computing and perception, while collaborating with this group.

In the BISITE group, Rubén will be working on the MOVIURBAN project, where he investigates behavioural patterns through mobile sensing and artificial intelligence algorithms for the creation of smarter cities. In particular, they will analyse mechanisms that allow active interaction between intelligent vehicles and their users. This is done through social computing and swarm intelligence in virtual agent organizations.

Rubén is an IT Engineer and he has been interested in the areas of artificial intelligence and robotics from the time he began his degree. He dedicated his free time to build and program his own robots, making his own pieces and circuits. He participated in a humanoid robotics competition called Ceabot. He was representing the University of Salamanca and came in the third place after obstacle runs and sumo trials.

His last stage in the University of Salamanca was marked by a big success. He developed an intelligent system which operated in the lab and was able to control the atmospheric and feeding conditions of an anthill. For this, he won the best final project for his Bachelor’s degree in the University of Salamanca. The time he spent in the Polytechnic University of Madrid allowed him to expand his knowledge about artificial intelligence and sparked his interest in new areas such as ontologies and multi-agent systems. However, his master thesis is focused on robotics. The project was based on the recognition of medicine through artificial vision in order to help dependent people. He began his career as a researcher thanks to a meeting he had with Javier Bajo, with whom he began to work.



Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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