The University renew its commitment to SIADOE Health Center

The University renews its commitment to SIADOE Health Center

Intervention and the provision of counselling services in the difficulties of oral and written language are the main objectives of the SIADOE Health Center in Avila.

The County Council of Avila and the University of Salamanca signed an agreement today to support the SIADOE Health Center, located in the School of Education and Tourism in Avila. The Center is dedicated to the intervention and provision of counseling services pertaining to difficulties in oral and written language. The renewal of this agreement represents a strong endorsement of the teaching, support and research activities that have been developed by professionals at the University of Salamanca for the last 20 years. On this occasion, the subsidy has doubled compared to previous years, which will allow for improvements in research and support activities. These agreements reflect the University’s commitment over the years to excellence and transfer of knowledge.

Joining me for this event were Deputy Director of Teaching Javier Macaya Sánchez and the group of professionals that form the SIADOE team (Dr. María Isabel Valdunquillo Carlón, Dr. Raquel de Sixte Herrera, Dra Inés Rodríguez Martín, Laura Rebón Rodríguez and Adela Morcillo Cerrato). Representing the County Council were Council President Juan Manuel Sánchez Cabrera, Deputy Director for Culture, Youth and Sport, Eduardo Montes Pindado, and PSOE Minister Silvia Llamas.






Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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