The peak of Aconcagua, next challenge for the mayor of Mozodiel

The Science Park hosted the presentation of a very special expedition that would end at the peak of the Aconcagua.

The mayor from the locality of Mozodiel de Sanchinigo, close to Villamayor, will set out on a journey, next Monday on the 26th of December, it will take him all the way to the highest peak of America. Miguel Angel Ávila will climb the summit of Aconcagua, which is 6,962 meters high. He won´t do it himself because he will be accompanied by a group of young people with Down Syndrome and other visual disabilities, who are members of the Asociación Montes Solidarios (association for the Inclusion of people with functional diversity in mountain climbing) whose objective is to instill the love of mountains in people with disabilities.

For Miguel Angel –expert mountaineer- this is the most difficult challenge he ever faced. To reach the top of Aconcagua will be one of the most satisfactory and impressive experiences for Miguel Angel and the rest of his team.

El grupo de montañeros saldrá el próximo lunes y la expedición arrancará el 30 de diciembre.

The group of mountaineers will set out next Monday and the expedition will pull off on the 30th of January.

We wish you the best of luck in this adventure.



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