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IBSAL’s workshop on the use of technology in medicine

12 Months CuidandoT programme, organized by Salamanca’s Institute of Biomedical Innovation, aims to disseminate the results of scientific research in the society.

Stakeholder Workshop: come and learn about the IoT Digital Innovation Hub initiative

On September 13th, the IoT Digital Innovation Hub partners with DIHELP to organize a Stakeholder Workshop. The workshop attracts SMEs, startups, investors and many others, giving its attendees the opportunity to share their ideas on digital transformation in the business sector.

WORKSHOP on “IoT approaches for distributed computing, communications and new applications”

The BISITE Research Group would like to invite you to participate in a WORKSHOP on “IoT approaches for distributed computing, communications and new  applications”, it is part of the framework of the 15th International Conference […]

First Food Workshop at the University of Salamanca

The Biotechnology Association of Salamanca, in collaboration with the Faculty of Biology of the University of Salamanca and the Area of Scientific Culture, organized the First Food Workshop (I Jornadas de Alimentación) held at USAL’s […]

Twelfth Workshop in Neuropsychology

 El  University  Master in Neuropsychology  is organizing the Twelfth Workshop in Neuropsychology, to take place next 15 June 2017.    

Presentation of the new CDTI aid

  The Science Park of the University of Salamanca will soon host a day of presentation of the new CDTI aid .

Presentation Workshop for INDRAVENTURES

On Wednesday, 22 March, at 11 am, USAL, together with INDRA, is holding a Presentation Workshop for INDRAVENTURES in the Science Park of the University of Salamanca.