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Robotics has arrived at USAL’s Science Park

The Vice-Chancellor for Research and Knowledge Transfer and General Director of the Science Park of the University of Salamanca, Juan Manuel Corchado, and the promotors of Educatibot, Guillermo Lobato, Sergio Márquez and María Ruano, have […]

A Robotics “Ikea”

Young industrial engineers create a company that offers the possibility of creating robots using pieces printed in 3D.

Hiroshi Ishiguro: “In just a few years we won’t be able to distinguish between robots and humans”

According to the University of Osaka Professor, in two years anybody will be able to use applications for a personal robot.

Salamanca, spanish capital of computer technology

If you live in Salamanca or happen to be wandering about the city, it’s very possible that you have bumped into any one of the participants of the Spanish Conference on Computer Science currently underway.

Robot societies, closer and closer to reality

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro, from Osaka University, gave the first presentation at the Spanish Conference on Computer Science which was is currently underway at the University of Salamanca.