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Blockchain for the bank and finances

Blockchain is penetrating many sectors thanks to its security and transparency. These powerful qualities facilitate its application to different areas. Blockchain allows to manage information and carry out operations with complete security, for this reason, emblematic sectors, like the bank and finances, are the pioneers in the use of this technology and the leaders of many investigations.

A delegation from the argentinian province of Córdoba visited our laboratory

A delegation from the Argentinian Province of Cordoba, led by the Secretary for Industry, Pablo de Chiara, visited our laboratory to learn about the Technological Transfer model that our group is developing. We presented some of our projects to them and told them about our participation in the Digital Innovation Hub.

Iran is developing large infrastructures and is firmly committed to promoting IoT and Efficient Development Projects

During my trip to Iran, I’ve had the opportunity to meet with the executives of the Mazandaran Corporation. Together we analyzed aspects related to the potential application of the IoT in civil engineering projects, construction and sustainable development.

Three new projects for Salamanca with the help of the Areces Foundation

The Ramon Areces Foundation held the event of Aid Delivery for Research in Life Sciences and the subject that corresponds to its XVIII edition.

Salamanca receives almost three million euros for research

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness will allocate 2.8 million euros for research projects.

A commitment to RD&I distinguishes Salamaq among primary sector trade shows

The University of Salamanca presents eight research projects related to agriculture and livestock at the agricultural trade fair.