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How to stay safe from cyber-attacks in industrial environments

Industrial facilities have only recently realized their vulnerability to cyberattacks this is mainly because until a few years ago they were totally disconnected from the rest of their organisation and, of course, from the Internet.

Why is it important to keep our systems up to date?

Updates, updates and more updates” is the title of one of the lectures included in the Digital Transformation Module of C1b3rWall Academy 2021, whose objective is to learn about the advantages of keeping systems updated.

Bitcoin as a new form of payment

Bitcoin is one of the most popular cryptocurrencies worldwide. Javier Pastor Moreno, participates in the Digital Transformation Module of C1B3RWall Academy 2021

The BISITE Group receives funding of €750,000 to promote smart agricultural production in Spain

The BISITE Group of the University of Salamanca has been selected to participate in the Programa Misiones IA, a Spanish initiative within the framework of the Digital Spain Agenda 2025 and the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy (BOE 26/06/2021)

How to avoid security problems with DNS firewalls

l Academy’s cybersecurity in networks and architectures module delves into the DNS database, its security issues / attacks, points of improvement and system upgrades.

Satellite Internet of Things

he C1b3rWall Academy module on networks and architectures is becoming very interesting as students are learning about technologies that go beyond the field of cybersecurity.

The importance of creating an effective social network

ans are social beings. As many of us have come to realize during the pandemic, professional relationships are just as important as personal ones, and they allow us to grow a strong professional circle.

Telecommunications, security and CCTV

Antonio Tornero Jiménez is the manager of SolarTDI, he launched the transmisiones del Ejército del Aire school and has given more than 100 courses to security and telecommunications professionals, he will deliver a lecture on “Telecommunications, Security and CCTV.

Why is Lossless Ethernet important?

C1b3rWall Academy Module 1 on networks and architectures covers the fundamentals needed to understand the new technologies that are being developed in the area of Data Center networking.