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The international prestige of the University of Salamanca in the digital era

In its VIII Centenary, the University of Salamanca fully exhibits its secular prestige as it finds itself among the oldest sites in Europe in which general study was termed universitas, this name was the essence […]

A pioneering project offering a first work contract to university graduates

The University and the City Council of Salamanca sign an agreement which will aid the employment of young university students.

The importance of detecting high capabilities

The University of Salamanca and the ATENEA Association collaborate in order to end with the deficiencies in the detection, identification and support for high intellectual capabilities.

The educational offer is not sufficient to cover for the professional demands in the Internet of Things

The Cotec work group on the Internet of Things (IoT), led by Indra, carried out an analysis of the educational offer in this field and has produced a report which warns of a gap between the companies […]

“Nivolap”, the technology for legal services arrives at the Scientific Park

Technology used in the legal field has arrived at the Scientific Park of the University of Salamanca, thanks to an agreement signed with the company “Nivolap, Digital Law and Legaltech”, which specializes in providing legal […]

The Scientific Park will end this year with more than 1.000 employees

The number of companies settled in the infrastructure of the University has almost doubled in the last four years.

The internal functioning of the University in the XVIII

‘The internal dynamics of the University of Salamanca in the Modern Age. Notes of the Secretariat (1762)’ and the collaboration of the Eight Centenary and the General Secretariat.

The Science Park launches its own TV channel

The objective of this channel is to broadcast the activities carried out on the Villamayor Campus.

Analysis on the future of entrepreneurship in the University

The first international seminar on “Entrepreneurship in Universities” is organized by the Chair of Entrepreneurs in the University of Salamanca (CEUSAL) and sponsored by the Santander Bank.

The Scientific Park continues growing

Three new companies have joint this University of Salamanca infrastructure which will end the year with close to 75 companies from very diverse fields.

Formation of the Entrepreneurship and Self-employment work group of the Junta of Castile and Leon

The group considers up to 85 measures which will be elaborated over the next five years in annual plans, in order to ease their execution and follow-up.

Delivery of USAL Emprende awards and the Chair of Entrepreneurs of the University of Salamanca

These awards recognize the talent, effort and initiative of entrepreneurs who originate from the University of Salamanca.

“Art Gallery” the internationalization of the work of Fine Art students

The pursue of this initiative is to promote art created in the University of Salamanca on the international scale.

The University of Salamanca is committed to transfer to the primary sector in collaboration with Salamanca’s Town Council.

We are very satisfied with the signing of the Collaboration Agreement between Salamanca’s Town Council, Caja Rural and the University of Salamanca, for the elaboration of the “II call for research projects on the primary […]