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The international prestige of the University of Salamanca in the digital era

In its VIII Centenary, the University of Salamanca fully exhibits its secular prestige as it finds itself among the oldest sites in Europe in which general study was termed universitas, this name was the essence […]

Cinema and videogames part of the Master in Digital Animation

The Master in Digital Animation offers two branches of specialization: Cinematographic postproduction and Development of 3D video games in both online and mixed modes.

Call Published for “Strategic Action Economy and Digital Society (AEESD) 2017”

Call Published for “Strategic Action Economy and Digital Society (AEESD) 2017”

A unique digital identity multiplies human possibilities

  Inmaculada Bravo García, who collaborates with USAL’s Information Services, offered a lecture at the Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM).

Historical Approach to Digital Identity Management at the University of Salamanca

Among the activities that the University of Salamanca Office has in the National Autonomous University of Mexico (in collaboration with the UNAM’s Coordination of International Relations and Affairs [CRAI]), the lecture “Management of Digital Identity […]

An agreement to promote technological and digital progress at the University.

The agreement will allow access to a large amount of information through the supercomputer “Calendula”.