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“Salamaq” gives an opportunity to the Scientific Park to incorporate more companies

The collaboration agreement with the Council and Caja Rural of Salamanca will allow us to develop innovative projects in our field.

The University and Companies are closer

The General Foundation of the University has organized a seminar for students, professors and researchers which is geared towards getting to know the reality of businesses; their origin, context in which they were developed and their future […]

The Science Park presents “Indraventures”, innovative ideas and companies

The Science Park of the University of Salamanca has hosted the presentation of INDRAVENTURES, as a model of open innovation from  INDRA.

USAL promotes employment with 189 job offers from 27 companies

The aim is to foster the professional integration and employability of our students and graduates through the dissemination and management of active job offers and the programming of different activities in regard to employability.

To gather talent is rewarding

The processes of open innovation are settled in developed countries. This causes the growth of instruments that make collaboration between the different actors of the system easier: universities, technological centres, companies, public research organizations, etc.,  […]

“Startup Weekend”

“Startup Weekend” recognizes new entrepreneurial projects

The first edition of “Startup Weekend” targets entrepreneurs and was held in parallel in 19 other cities throughout the world.


IBM subsidary Viewnext increases total number of employees at the Science Park

The Science Park of the University of Salamanca continues to attract business and growth, and we are very pleased with the progress made to date.


Real-Time CBR-Agent DoS detection

Confidentiality, integrity and availability are the main objectives of any information security model.