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IBSAL Research proves the efficacy of a new treatment against prostate cancer

The Translational Research Group on Urology, haded by Francisco Gómez Veiga, demonstrates the benefits of focal therapy as a treatment for prostate cancer.  

Juan Jesús Cruz Professor with Chair, Castile and León Award for Scientific Research

The jury pointed out the solidity of his scientific career, both in education and healthcare, as well as his professional career, being a lecturer and trainer of a great number of specialists in medical oncology.

Juan Jesús Cruz, Castile & Leon Award for Scientific Research

The jury agreed by a majority to award him this prize for the solidity of his scientific, teaching and clinical career and for his professional career in general.  

USAL researchers successfully test in vitro a non-toxic alternative to chemotherapy in cancer

Professor of Chemical Engineering Eva Martín del Valle foresees in vitro testing within two years of an aerosol against lung cancer, thanks to the aid granted by the Ramón Areces Foundation.

The Cancer Center collaborates in the search for the most effective treatments against cancer

A team of international experts has managed to identify various genes which are frequently altered in the lymphomas of the peripheral T-cells of an “unclear origin”.

Identified several genes frequently altered in peripheral T-cell lymphomas “of unclear origin”

This work has been published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States, the official journal of this Academy, and was carried out by a multi-centre group, including the laboratory […]

Salamanca receives almost three million euros for research

The Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness will allocate 2.8 million euros for research projects.

The Cancer Research Centre supports young researchers

Scientific training, participation and interaction at the VI Scientific Gathering of Young Researchers RTICC.