The 16th edition of PAAMS in Toledo is an international forum for research on multi-agent agents and systems.

Every year I attend the International Conference on Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems and this was no different. The 16th edition was held in the beautiful city of Toledo with more than 300 participants.
A conference that provides an international forum to present and discuss the latest scientific developments and their effective applications, to assess the impact of the approach and to facilitate technology transfer in the field of agent and multi-agent systems

Presentation of the Cogs for Good works at the 16th edition of PAAMS in Toledo

The session at which IBM Hackathon Cogs for Good presented its works took place today at the 16th edition of Practical Applications of Agents and Multi-Agent Systems Conference. These works had been selected a few months ago at the Hackathon events held in Valencia and Salamanca.

Work meeting with officials of the Technological University of Panama

During my trip to Panama, I had the opportunity to meet with Dr. Héctor M. Montemayor, rector of the Technological University of Panama and the Vice Rector of Research, Postgraduate courses and University Extension Programs, Dr. Alexis B. Tejedor.

Visit to the Panama Canal

I have had the opportunity to visit the Panama Canal and see its expansion, an engineering marvel. Many Spanish engineers have participated in this extraordinary project. It is impressive to see the structure from up close, get familiar with the developed technology and the new forms of work which have changed over time.

Member of our Research Group Bisite, Alfonso González Briones, defends his doctoral thesis

One of the members of our research group received the title of a doctor just a few days ago. Alfonso González Briones defended his doctoral thesis on the 1st of June.

The title of his doctoral thesis is “A Multi-agent architecture for optimizing energy consumption using comfort agreements” and I myself have had the pleasure to supervise it.

Technology Trends in Research, Business Innovation and Sustainable Development at Glocal 2018

It was a pleasure for me to participate in Glocal 2018, an event organized by the Technological University of Panama, at which I delivered the inaugural lecture entitled: Technological Trends in Research, Business Innovation and Sustainable Development.

Educational video competition at CAEPIA 2018

An educational video competition will take place this October in the city of Granada. It will be organized as part of the XVIII Conference of the Spanish Association for Artificial Intelligence (CAEPIA 2018).

Presentation of IOTEC and IoT Digital Innovation Hub at the Internet of Things Conference

This afternoon I’ve had a very intense meeting with my colleagues at the Chamber of Commerce of Salamanca where we talked about the Internet of Things(IoT).

We started the conference by talking about the IOTEC project that we are all feeling very positive about. And certainly, it has been an honour for me to present the IoT Digital Innovation Hub that we are launching with a lot of effort and enthusiasm.

The visit of Vishesh Mistry from IIT-J, expert in artificial intelligence and neural networks

Vishesh Mistry from the Indian Institute of Technology Jodhpur (IIT-J) will join our research group in the months of June and July. During his stay, Vishesh will help us to solve automatic vision problems and image analysis, by applying different artificial intelligence and artificial neural networks techniques.

Conference on the Internet of Things

On Friday, June 1st at 5pm, the Chamber of Commerce will hold a day on the Internet of Things (IoT) with the aim of disseminating knowledge of this technology, intended for members of traditional SMEs who wish to incorporate this paradigm into their production processes.

Salamanca, Madrid, Barcelona and Granada are leaders of innovation in Spain

Huawei says that Salamanca, Barcelona, Madrid and Granada are leaders of innovation in Spain. The fact that a company like Huawei has noticed the work done here in Salamanca is noteworthy. We have come a long way in a short time and we have to maintain ourselves in this position and continue climbing the ladder.

Jesús Fernando Rodríguez Aragón is the Computer Engineer of the Year

Our colleague from the Faculty of Computer Science Jesús Fernando Rodríguez Aragón has been awarded the i3 2018 Computer Science Engineer of the Year by the Professional Association of Computer Science Engineers of Castile and León.

Technology Seminar on Artificial Intelligence as part of my visit to the Osaka Institute of Technology

A few days ago, I gave a seminar on Artificial Intelligence: Deep Learning and Convolutional Networks at the Osaka Institute of Technology (ILO)for doctoral and master’s degree students. We’ve had an enjoyable and fruitful day together.

BISITE Group achieves progress in the field of BIOINFORMATICS

One of the most important lines of research in our research group is that of bioinformatics, a discipline that uses computer tools for the study of biology. Other fields of science and medical, pharmaceutical, biological industries etc. use the advances made in this area of research to improve their activities.

2018 ECTC Advisory Group Conference

Over the last few days I have taken part in the 2018 ECTC Advisory Group conference, organised by Europol.  It was attended by the members of the Europol Advisory Committee and its aims is to fight against International Terrorist Propaganda.