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The international prestige of the University of Salamanca in the digital era

In its VIII Centenary, the University of Salamanca fully exhibits its secular prestige as it finds itself among the oldest sites in Europe in which general study was termed universitas, this name was the essence […]

The Scientific Park chosen the Entrepreneur of the Week

The 55 companies that have settled on the Villamayor Campus provide employment to 800 persons, what sums up to 25 million euro annually in incomes.

Presentation of the new CDTI aid

  The Science Park of the University of Salamanca will soon host a day of presentation of the new CDTI aid .

Optimizing business in a sustainable way

The ECOSOAM consulting firm will settle in the Scientific Park to develop its Project on Strategic Sustainability Consulting for Optimization.

“Agile Methodologies in Software Development”

The Faculty of Sciences will host the talk “Agile Methodologies in Software Development” to be given by José Alberto García Coria, Communications Director of Viewnext.

A robotics company to settle in the Scientific Park

The Educatibot Company has just settled in the Scientific Park of the University of Salamanca.

“Undertake in Salamanca”

Salamanca´s Rotary Club has invited me to give a talk on entrepreneurship. The event took place in the Conference Hall of the old Architecture School of Salamanca.

Initiatives that will promote entrepreneurship

The University of Salamanca has set initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in the university community.

The Science Park launches U-Talent-Hub space for entrepreneurs

This new area in the M3 Building is the latest effort by the University of Salamanca and the Regional Government of Castile and Leon to promote entrepreneurship in the region.

“There is already an entrepreneurial culture in Europe, now we have to create an ecosystem”

The European entrepreneurial event Startup Olé kicked off in Salamanca with the participation of Isidro Laso, director of Startup Europe, an initiative promoted by the European Commission.