Category: Science Park

The Ficosterra Company joins the Scientific Park

The essence of their products is based on technology that is functional, integrative, coexistent and sustainable.

Algae for good smells on the farm

This novel product reduces the organic wastes that accumulate daily on farms and eliminates bad smells.

Solutions for the forecast of plagues

Companies from the Scientific Park offer solutions that end with the bad odor of barns and mobile applications that warn farmers if there is a possibility of disease emerging among their livestock.

“Salamaq” gives an opportunity to the Scientific Park to incorporate more companies

The collaboration agreement with the Council and Caja Rural of Salamanca will allow us to develop innovative projects in our field.

Caja Rural and the Council promote USAL’s research in the primary sector

The two entities will provide 150.000 euro to finance projects that offer practical and innovative solutions to the agricultural sector.

Green light to the tender for the construction of the M4 Science Park Building

Space required for the entrepreneurs that continually arrive at the Park makes it necessary to redesign the M4 Building.

Collaboration agreement with the Catholic University of Santiago of Guayaquil

The University of Salamanca and the Catholic University of Santiago of Guayaquil (UCSG, Ecuador) renewed the agreement that had already been concluded between the two universities for the execution of joint actions in aspects such as mobility of members […]

Béjar will have a technology park which fosters employment

The University of Salamanca and Béjar’s City Council will sign an agreement to allow the settling of businesses.

Are we prepared for cyber-attacks?

The great cyberespionage organizations can attack any part of the world.