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The peak of Aconcagua, next challenge for the mayor of Mozodiel

The Science Park hosted the presentation of a very special expedition that would end at the peak of the Aconcagua.

At- home Primary Care System

At-home Primary Care System

This project consists of an intelligent and distributed system that allows us to improve the quality of life of individuals who require some kind of assistance by monitoring their vital signs.

Smart cities

Smart cities

Our research group has developed a platform, which allows offering different solutions to small and medium size cities.



The objective of the project is to design and create an online system for verification and fraud prevention in digital documents.

Smart Location System

Smart location systems

Indoor location is currently the subject of intensive research.



This system enables drivers to manage payments in paid parking areas, allowing them to save time and money.


Home Care

The HomeCare project aims to integrate technological advances in home automation and user interaction through the TV.


Real-Time CBR-Agent DoS detection

Confidentiality, integrity and availability are the main objectives of any information security model.