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Quality assurance in technology transfer from universities

Program of the European Union, coordinated by the State University of Moldova and hosted, this year, by our research group. The purpose of the project is the study and research into means of improving quality in higher education institutions.

Spain is at the forefront of project leadership in Europe

The Ministry of Science and Innovation has published a report on participation in the European Union’s R&D&I Framework Program Horizon 2020 (H2020), which shows Spain on the very top of the project leadership ranking.

How to identify cybercrimes targeting people and their privacy

he module on ” Cybersecurity awareness: real cases” is being taught by Silvia Barrera Ibáñez. This time she will talk to us about crimes targeting people and their privacy.

Opening session of the QFORTE project in Salamanca

The opening session of the QFORTE Project “Fortifying Higher Education Quality in Moldova” took place this morning

The BISITE Group receives funding of €750,000 to promote smart agricultural production in Spain

The BISITE Group of the University of Salamanca has been selected to participate in the Programa Misiones IA, a Spanish initiative within the framework of the Digital Spain Agenda 2025 and the National Artificial Intelligence Strategy (BOE 26/06/2021)

Digital management and smart cities at DMPS 2021

er a plenary speech at the opening of the International Conference on Digital Management and Public Service (DMPS 2021), held in Dalian, China.

Cluster Flanders Health Tech: boosting innovative tech projects

tunity to be part of the evaluation panel of the “2021 project call Fast experimental exploration for future roadmap & new opportunities” promoted by the Flanders Health Tech Cluster.


The launch of the MSc on Smart Maritime & Surveying Systems

e had the opportunity to welcome the students and professors that are part of the first MSc course on Smart Maritime & Surveying Systems, from The Surveying & MARiTime internet of things EducAtion (SMARTSEA) project.

QFORTE project: assuring quality in the European education system

week we had the pleasure of participating in a workshop “Dialogue on national policy and development of institutional Quality Assurance system”, within the framework of the Project for the Enhancement of Quality Assurance in the Higher Education System in Moldova (QFORTE).