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An agreement to promote technological and digital progress at the University.

The agreement will allow access to a large amount of information through the supercomputer “Calendula”.

Fulbright grants and the opportunity to access prestigious American universities

The eligibility requirements for obtaining these grants is presenting a solid project and a good level of English.

U-Talent-Hub: The multiplier success

Yesterday I had the opportunity to participate in the presentation of U-Talent Hub, the Science Park platform that makes spin off from university research, large companies that have decided to settle in the park and […]

Intelligent systems explained by Professor Venayagamoorthy

Professor G. Kumar Venayagamoorthy from Clemson University, gave a lecture entitled “Real-Time Power and Intelligent Systems Laboratory”.

Initiatives that will promote entrepreneurship

The University of Salamanca has set initiatives to promote entrepreneurship in the university community.

Mariano Rajoy reinforces support for the celebration of the VIII Centenary

The Spanish Prime Minister proposed that the University of Salamanca shall host the opening of the academic year 2017-2018.

Improve patient care through environmental technology

The Spanish Health Management Society (SEDISA) held the IX National Conference in Salamanca, it discussed quality, efficiency and innovation in healthcare, and the future of health services.

Collaborative research with companies: the new challenge

Last week the University organized a briefing to discuss the possibilities for financing research companies. Those that have worked on the development of scientific projects for over 10 years know how grant models for R+D […]

The University of Salamanca strengthens its links with Federal Institutes of Brazil

Representatives of Federal Institutes of Brazil visited the University of Salamanca to set levels for the Doctorate programmes in the fields of Education and Agronomy.