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Telecommunications, security and CCTV

Antonio Tornero Jiménez is the manager of SolarTDI, he launched the transmisiones del Ejército del Aire school and has given more than 100 courses to security and telecommunications professionals, he will deliver a lecture on “Telecommunications, Security and CCTV.

Why is Lossless Ethernet important?

C1b3rWall Academy Module 1 on networks and architectures covers the fundamentals needed to understand the new technologies that are being developed in the area of Data Center networking.

Interregional Seminar on Digital Innovation and Skills in Industry 4.0

Today I participated in the IV Interregional Thematic Seminar organized by the International Center for Advanced Materials and Raw Materials of Castile and Leon (ICAMCyL).

Do you know what a Man in the Middle attack is and how to prevent it?

Module 1 of the C1b3rWall Academy on networks and architectures delves into the most common cybersecurity issues and the possible solutions that can be implemented by users or companies.

Digital management and smart cities at DMPS 2021

er a plenary speech at the opening of the International Conference on Digital Management and Public Service (DMPS 2021), held in Dalian, China.

Cybersecurity in networks and architectures

Cybersecurity in networks and architectures

Module 1 of C1b3rWall Academy: Networks and Architectures, began yesterday, it includes three sections related to cybersecurity in networks and architectures, in telecommunications as well as lectures on critical infrastructures.

Cluster Flanders Health Tech: boosting innovative tech projects

tunity to be part of the evaluation panel of the “2021 project call Fast experimental exploration for future roadmap & new opportunities” promoted by the Flanders Health Tech Cluster.

Air Institute participates in an initiative to turn Salamanca into a driver of employment and economy

Salamanca makes its biggest investment ever in the development of its economy and job market, amounting to 67.4 million euros.


The launch of the MSc on Smart Maritime & Surveying Systems

e had the opportunity to welcome the students and professors that are part of the first MSc course on Smart Maritime & Surveying Systems, from The Surveying & MARiTime internet of things EducAtion (SMARTSEA) project.