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The Minister for Territorial Policy, Isabel Rodríguez, learns about the cross-cutting platform for the management of Agro Industry 4.0, promoted by a large consortium in which the BISITE Research Group and the AIR Institute participate.

The Minister for Territorial Policy and Spokesperson of the Government of Spain, Isabel Rodríguez, attended an institutional meeting this week in Salamanca. The director of the BISITE Research Group and president of the AIR Institute, Juan Manuel Corchado, took this opportunity to present, to the Minister, a proposal under the title “Transversal platform for the management of Agro Industry 4.0 based on IIoT, Big Data Analytics, Edge Computing and Augmented Reality”.

Luis Garicano learns about BISITE and AIR Institute’s projects

projects we are developing at the BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca and the AIR Institute.

Ransomware: cyber-attacks on essential services

We started Module 7 of C1b3rWall Academy 2021/2022 “Incident management. Good practices during a cybercrisis: a study of Ransomware” with a lecture given by Alberto Sánchez del Monte, head of operations at the Cybersecurity Coordination Office.

The most common cyberattacks in Spain

Our society is becoming more advanced, and the ongoing digitalization is bringing with it countless benefits. However, it makes us more vulnerable to the thousands of daily cyber-attacks on the web. In Module 6 “Agents of threat” of C1b3rWall Academy, Juanma Cabo Pimentel, Judicial Police investigator and head of the Cyberattack Group at the Central Cybercrime Unit discussed the types of cyberattacks that are most common in Spain and exaplined what their consequences are.

Phishing: Cybercriminals do not take breaks

Module 6 “Threat Agents” of C1b3rWall Academy is packed with interesting lectures, such as the one shared by Nuria Prieto, Security Analyst at the CERT cybersecurity group, Carlos III University of Madrid.

BISITE and AIR Institute seek new partnerships for their research projects at the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Summit at the Expo Dubai

Today, the Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Summit brought together the world’s leading innovation companies to discuss the importance of developing new technologies.

The Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Summit showcases the excellence of national R&D&I at the Expo in Dubai

Today and tomorrow, February 3 and 4, the Spain Pavilion will hold the National Entrepreneurship Summit, which coincides with the week dedicated to our country at the Expo 2020 Dubai, created to disseminate the essence and cultural wealth of Spain to the visitors at this global event.

AgrarIA.: AI fostering agriculture in Spain

The BISITE Research Group of the University of Salamanca is collaborating with 24 other national public-private organizations on the development of the AgrarIA project. A tool that applies Artificial Intelligence (AI) to create all sorts of intelligent solutions for agriculture, ranging from the development of new natural products for the control of pests and diseases, to the use of collaborative robotics to optimize the transformation phase of the products.