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The Challenges of Latin American Democracies

The PhD programme ‘Rule of Law and Global Governance / FLACSO España is organizing the seminar on ‘The Challenges of Latin American Democracies’.  

“The Ibero-American Legal Area: Shared Opportunities and Challenges”

Spain’s Minister of Justice,  Rafael Catalá Polo, is to participate is this workshop included as part of the Specialization Courses in Law.

The University of Salamanca will be the guest of honour at the First University Book Fair of Mexico

The Salamanca Studium will deliver two presentations based on the Queen Sofia Ibero-American Poetry Prize and on the fight against gender-based violence.

“Free Software in Ethics and Practice”, speech by Richard Stallman

American computer programmer Richard Stallman is the founder of the free software movement.

A fourth industrial revolution will allow the Internet to enter factories

The BISITE research group, technological advances brought about by the internet, Industry 4.0, and the Science Park are just some of the topics covered yesterday during my interview with the ICAL Agency, published by El […]

Villamayor, a city of innovation

The Secretary of State for R&D, under the Ministry of Economy and Innovation, has just announced that Villamayor will join the municipalities which form part of the Innpulso Network for Cities of Innovation. 

New genus of giant European land turtles

The collection in the Hall of Turtles at the University of Salamanca serves to analyse the origin of giant terrestrial turtles that once lived in Europe.

The challenge to better understand the English language

The Doctorate in Advanced English Studies: Languages and Cultures in Contact provides an in-depth study of English and tries to apply the results to English language teaching. The Doctorate in Advanced English Studies: Languages and […]