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Most common threats in blockchain technology

We continue to learn about cybersecurity and technologies such as Blockchain as part of the C1b3RWALL Academy 2021 program which so far has more than 50,000 active users. This week we have started Module 6 “Threat Agents”.

Cyber Threat Intelligence

Cyber intelligence is based on the search for and analysis of information aimed at preventing attacks or threats in the cyberspace. Manuel López Pérez, cybersecurity analyst at the BISITE Research Group participates in Module 5 of C1b3rWall Academy 2021 and has delivered a lecture on ” Introduction to Threat Intelligence”. The objective of this lecture is for students to understand what cyber intelligence is, why it is important, what types exist and how a cyber intelligence plan would be carried out.

Digital Security Certificates

Module 5 of C1b3rWall Academy on “Intelligence. Sources for research” brings an insightful lecture on cybersecurity. This time Sergio Rodriguez Gijon from Hack by Security introduces us to the importance of digital certificates and the application of OSINT.

How to manage cybersecurity in companies

The health situation caused by Covid-19 has meant big changes in companies, many of them have had to adapt on the fly and implement strategies such as teleworking. However, this means greater exposure and less protection if appropriate measures are not taken.

Developing more robust software with Shift Left Security

Yet another interesting lecture on the world of programming languages at C1b3rWall Academy 2021. This time under the title “Shifting it to the left” by Borja Gonzalez Carro, who is Lead Security Analyst for IRIUSRISK SL.

Programming languages today

Programming languages have never been as widely used as they are today. Jesús Lagares Galá, student of Computer Engineering at the University of Cadiz and collaborating student at the Department of Computer Engineering, is aware of this and has given us an interesting lecture on Programming languages for cybersecurity at C1b3rWall Academy 2021.

Prevention of physical risks derived from Internet exposure

Selva Orejón and Danilo Gelman participated in C1b3rWall Academy 2021 with a lecture under the title “From OSINT to K.O.”. The objective of this lecture was to learn about the new physical threats and attacks derived from the poor management of our information on the Internet.

Tips for creating a secure password

Passwords are a big target for cybercriminals. It is therefore necessary to follow the advice of experts on how to keep our data safe. Víctor Carrión Hontoria from CARTIF, participates in Module 3 C1b3rWall Academy and is delivering a lecture on “The challenge of creating a strong password”.

PowerShell, our great ally

C1b3rWall Academy continues with interesting lectures in the field of cybersecurity, blockchain, artificial intelligence, among other technologies. Module 4 of the program is based on “Programming languages oriented to cybersecurity”. This time Carlos Morales Diego from Deloitte explains what PowerShell is, and talks about its benefits and uses in different areas.