A new and well-deserved recognition for Isidoro Alanís

Isidoro Alanís, founder and CEO of Global Exchange, has received the 17th “Castilla y León Económica” Award of Honour. It was an honour for me to accompany my good friend and patron of the AIR Institute at the award ceremony attended by more than 600 businessmen and executives, a ceremony that highlighted the value of the companies of Castilla y León as part of the heritage of our region.

In addition, the awards ceremony served to voice the grievances of businessmen who, like Isidoro Alanís, feel that business competitiveness is currently being undermined. “Today, our society is facing one of the worst situations for business”, said Alanís after collecting his well-deserved award and acknowledged that this tribute made him particularly proud: “The 16 previous honorary award winners are outstanding leaders and being part of this team makes me very proud”.

Anyone who knows Isidoro knows that he is a born entrepreneur. When he was just over 20 years old, he founded Global Exchange in the town of Fuentes de Oñoro in Salamanca. Today, almost three decades later, he is a world leader in currency exchange at international airports and tourist sites, but he has not lost his roots and is still very much connected to his homeland. “Despite all the disadvantages of a small town, there are many positive aspects that cities lack, and above all, it is our land, and we must continue to promote it,” he said. He is quite an example to follow, as Isidoro himself assured “being a businessman is a social function, one of the best there is”.

Juan Manuel Corchado at the XVII Castilla y León economic gala with Benjamín Crespo and Antonio Rollán

The recognition Isidoro Alanís has received is a source of pride for all of us in Salamanca and Castilla y León, as it shows how a businessman from this province and from this region has managed to reach the top; constantly striving for improvement in his field, looking for new possibilities and incorporating innovation have been his keys to success.

My sincere congratulations to Isidoro Alanís and to all the winners of the Castilla y León Económica award.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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