New additions to the BISITE teams

 The BISITE Research Group is constantly expanding. The development of new projects entails the recruitment of young people who are specialised in different areas. This is the case of Sara Mateos, currently in the final year of the double degree in Primary Education and Mathematics, who is already developing her curricular practices in BISITE as a research intern in the area of artificial intelligence. Her incorporation will allow her to apply her knowledge of mathematics and machine learning to projects involving big data and deep learning, such as SCAN and PreventIA, in which the AIR Institute also collaborates.

 Another female member onboard is Laura Álvarez, with a bachelor’s degree in Statistics and a master’s degree in teaching. She will be responsible for contributing to the data analysis of the projects, as well as providing support in the field of artificial intelligence, particularly focusing on the Hyperlender project developed by AIR Institute in collaboration with Eurostar Mediagroup, whose objective is to design a P2P platform that allows microloan operations between individuals through the use of blockchain.

The list of new additions also includes Pablo Armenteros, a physics graduate with a master’s degree in teaching, and complementary courses on data analysis and machine learning, who has joined the BISITE team as a data analyst to work on projects such as dAIEDge. dAIEDge is a European Network of Excellence that aims to put the spotlight on artificial intelligence at European level and of which BISITE is a member together with other institutions and universities from 15 countries. Manuel Manrique is a research fellow who will join the Farms4climate project, which seeks modernisation and economic growth through the promotion of carbon-based agro-ecological agriculture; and Diego Molinero, who is a student in the final year of Computer Engineering and a research fellow in the Hyperlender project.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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