Juan M. Corchado member of the NVIDIA Advisory board focused on Generative AI in Santa Clara, California

Generative AI will certainly change the world radically and some of the main players in this field are hardware companies. Among them is NVIDIA, which is behind the GPU farms that train the transformers, autoencoders, etc. that we are already using on a regular basis in our projects.

Juan Manuel Corchado, at one of the most recent virtual meetings of the committee (NVIDIA Advisory board focused on Generative AI), together with NVIDIA executives.

Being part of the NVIDIA’s Advisory Board for the development of Generative Artificial Intelligence is a dream for me. Being in this committee, together with researchers from the Universities of Berkeley, Texas, Arizona, Washington, ETH Zurich or INRIA is a great privilege, and I am convinced that it will be very beneficial for our research group as well as for all the companies we work with. By being here, I will be able to have first-hand knowledge of the products that NVIDIA is working on and will bring to the market, and this is strategic for us to be able to position ourselves and be at the forefront of research at the speed at which AI is evolving now.

I will have the opportunity to analyze and evaluate NVIDIA products and programs and contribute to making them more valuable to the development of AI worldwide. In addition, and given my interaction with my contacts at NVIDIA, I am convinced that soon we can promote projects at the University of Salamanca and the AIR Institute together with them. On the other hand, this will open the doors of NVIDIA to our students, who will have more opportunities to join a company that offers great and interesting challenges and opportunities.

What joining NVIDIA entails

Being a member of this committee brings with it significant responsibilities. In my position, I will have to analyze and provide early advice on NVIDIA’s strategy for technology development. It is also my duty to advise on how companies engage with external researchers.  This will give us an ideal perspective on how to strategically position ourselves in this area.  I will also have to identify and attract relevant researchers to NVIDIA. I will need to provide rigorous, critical, and objective analyses of NVIDIA’s tools and technology.

I will also assist in evaluating and recommending the best students to pursue emerging opportunities at NVIDIA. My mission also includes advising on the company’s performance and prospects. NVIDIA is interested in fostering a large research community and I will try to contribute to building it (e.g., identifying potential speakers for their conferences, organizing a series of seminars, workshops, etc.).

I look forward to this experience with great enthusiasm, collaborating with an amazing company on the development of a technology that has given the world new prospects in the last few months. If these advances are taken in the right direction, it will contribute to the development of our society in a way that has never been possible before.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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