The history of vascular surgery contained in a single book

“Surgery is performed with the mind, with the soul and with the hands”. This is how Rafael Fernández-Samos describes his profession in the prologue of Momentos estelares en la Historia de la Cirugía Vascular y Endovascular, a book written by Francisco Santiago Lozano Sánchez, professor at our university, who has presented his book this week. I feel very fortunate to have been there.

It is one of those works gives greater value to the daily work carried out at the University of Salamanca. The Multipurpose Center of the Official College of Physicians of Salamanca and all the attendees witnessed this at the presentation.

The author reviews the history of Angiology and Vascular Surgery within the 23 chapters of the book; each one is dedicated to a remarkable surgery and recognizes the work of the surgeons who left behind an enormous legacy by contributing to the evolution of vascular surgery and, ultimately, to the evolution of humankind.

These miraculous operations are exciting to learn about, whether you are part of this guild or not. A compilation that has arisen from the author’s need for an alternative pastime during the pandemic. As Francisco explains in the preface, “The present scientific-historical book is the result of my need to keep my mind occupied”.

Thanks to Dr. Santiago Santa Cruz Ruiz and Professor Dr. Alberto Gómez Alonso for chairing the event and presenting the book. We thank you, Francisco, for sharing with us, the history of such an important practice and with it the knowledge derived from your experience as a surgeon, teacher and researcher.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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