Author, Mar Sancho, presents two of her literary works

Mar Sancho embarks on endless journeys in the search for truth and beauty. Through her texts she shares with us the knowledge she acquires, and we are all moved by her words.

The author from Valladolid presented two of her works this week at the Casino de Salamanca. The first one was a collection of poems entitled Entre trenes (Between Trains), which was published at the end of 2019 but whose presentation was delayed due to the pandemic. The second one was a recent collection of short stories entitled La insensata vida de los santos (“The reckless life of the saints”).

The title of her collection of poems leaves no room for doubt. Mar, notebook in hand, captures instants of time between journeys, transfers them onto paper, converting us into her travel companions. Mar takes us on five journeys, some of them aboard the Amtrak Cascades and the Trans-Siberian Railway, Moscow – Vladivostok, passing through such variegated places as Vancouver, Seattle, Krasnoyarsk, Mahanadi or San Antonio de los Cobres. In fact, each poem bears the name of a place and takes us amidst its lines just as its streets would do.

Accompanied in Salamanca by poet, Antonio Colinas, Mar Sancho also presented her most recent publication. On this occasion, leaving aside the familiar verse, the saints are the ones who give title to each of the fifteen stories. Once again, the author acquaints us with places, characters and lives that will forever imprint on our minds if we dare delve into this narrative.

Thank you, Mar, for introducing us to your work and teaching us that great life stories happen much before we reach our final destination. 

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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