SmartCLIDE: cloud computing and machine learning for resource optimization

Business digitalization is what will enable SMEs to be competitive within their market, and to position themselves and evolve. Technologies such as Big Data, Artificial Intelligence or Cloud Computing facilitate many operations and allow to optimize resources. The SmartCLIDE project, in which AIR Institue participates, proposes a new intelligent cloud-native development environment based on the principle of coding by demonstration and aims to find new forms to boost the adoption of Cloud and Big Data solutions in small and medium enterprises and public sector organizations.

SmartCLIDEis a European consortium involving eleven partners from Germany, Greece, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain and the UK, where AIR Institute is an active member. It was created under the leadership of the Bremen Institute for Applied Systems Technology ATB.

Our solution supports Cloud Service Creators at different levels of abstraction at all stages of full-stack data-centric services and enables self-discovery of IaaS and SaaS services with the ultimate goal of providing a tool to empower non-technical staff to implement new services.

Benefits of using SmartCLIDE

  1. Lowers the entry level to programming activities for non-technical staff.
  2. Improved transparency, readability and comprehensibility of the software.
  3. Increase quality and security levels
  4. Increased reusability of services.
  5. Increased productivity levels.

The platform will enable SMEs and Public Administration to boost the adoption of cloud solutions in order to enhance the environment and optimize resources.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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