The Spain Entrepreneurial Nation Summit showcases the excellence of national R&D&I at the Expo in Dubai

Today and tomorrow, February 3 and 4, the Spain Pavilion will hold the National Entrepreneurship Summit, which coincides with the week dedicated to our country at the Expo 2020 Dubai, created to disseminate the essence and cultural wealth of Spain to the visitors at this global event.

This conference will showcase the country’s technological and innovative progress, in addition to being a space for promoting sustainable development between European and Arab countries. The aim of this event is to position Spain as a role model for entrepreneurs and start-ups from all over the world, as well as to encourage collaboration between countries and the exchange of initiatives.

Juan Manuel Corchado, professor at the University of Salamanca and Director of the AIR Institute and the BISITE Research Group, attended this meeting and took the opportunity today to meet with technology, energy and biotechnology companies, with whom he analyzed possible opportunities for collaboration.

The agenda for Thursday 3 began with an official opening speech by Francisco Polo, High Commissioner for Spain as an Entrepreneurial Nation. This was immediately followed by a session on innovative Spanish technologies, with the participation of companies from the sector.

After these previous conferences, the central part of the event was held, divided into three sections: the talk “Scalling up on the shoulder of giants” by the main Spanish energy companies; a discussion between entrepreneurs from different Spanish capitals, and a closing session with the participation of universities and business schools, which debated the current Spanish educational system and its necessary restructuring.

Undoubtedly, these conferences are an excellent showcase of the science and innovation that is being developed in Spain. We are very lucky to belong to this ecosystem thanks to the work of the BISITE Research Group and the AIR Institute.

Highlights from the event. Photos: @EnagasEmprende@expospain2020

Attached is a short video of Francisco Polo’s speech.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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