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Juan José Torres García, Mónica Salas Blanco and Raúl Siles Peláez belong to DinoSec, a company specialized in advanced cybersecurity services. They are also developers of the GuardedBox platform, available free of charge for managing, storing and sharing secrets. They are participating in Module 3 of C1b3rWall Academy with a talk on ” Secrets Management”.

The main objective of the lecture is to clearly identify the type of confidential information (secrets) that is handled and, on the basis of its attributes, define a detailed life cycle which will ensure its control. In addition to defining a storage, sharing and management model, ideally with E2E encryption, to ensure that the secret is not compromised. Perform a detailed monitoring of the secret lifecycle and establish an example of a secret storage and sharing solution: GuardedBox.


Taxonomy: not all secrets have the same nature, purpose, criticality, exfiltration impact, etc.

Life cycle: the secret is born, protected, used, shared and goes extinct. How to ensure that it remains unaltered?

Managing your own or an organization’s secrets

All secrets, especially those intended to be shared, must be identified and assigned properties such as level of criticality, exposure, renewal, access, etc, in order to determine what type of control to impose.

Strict policies must be defined within the organization to ensure that a secret is never shared outside the established channels, and, if it is, that it can be detected. Data must remain encrypted as long as it is not being directly accessed by the users involved in its processing.

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Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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