Digitalization in recruitment

Diego Gómez Mora is delivering a lecture on ” Digital Transformation of Recruitment Processes” as part of the Digital Transformation Module of C1b3rWall Academy 2021, which aims to highlight the benefits of digital transformation in recruitment processes. Diego has five years of experience in the human resources sector where he has focused on recruitment, payroll and social security. He has worked as administrative officer of personnel management in Atlantic Cooper S.L.U., as administrative personnel management in GRUPO STIN. Currently, he has been working for more than a year as an administrative technician at Viewnext, part of the IBM group.

The complete process of this transformation starts with vacancies  and ends with the monitoring and control of the person once he/she has joined the company. But, above all, the presentation focuses on the most digitized aspects of recruitment.

Digital platforms in the selection process

Nowadays, the selection and recruitment process has changed a lot, since there is not only the option of physically delivering the CV in each company to which we have access, but it is done through websites, social networks such as LinkedIn, InfoJobs and others, where each person creates their profile and the companies themselves, or headhunters, can contact professionals and offer them a job according to their professional profile. This makes the process much easier since the information about the employees is readily available, it can be filtered by the minimum requirements and both the company and the employee, can be the looking for a job offer or request. LinkedIn is a social network that is similar to Facebook, the difference is that it is aimed at professionals. On it, personal and professional information can be published, networks and professional contacts can be established. We can search for employment if we are job seekers or, search for candidates if we are the employers.  In addition, LinkedIn allows us to filter by the characteristics we are looking for and, in this way, to focus on it. LinkedIn has more than 575 million users, with more than 260 million active users.

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