Manuel Perez and Pablo Plaza, from the AIR Institute, ranked first nationally and fourth worldwide at INCIBE’s International CyberEx

We are so very proud to have talented people like Manuel Perez and Pablo Plaza in our team! They have qualified as the first Spanish team and the fourth worldwide at the International CyberEx 2021; an initiative organized by the National Cybersecurity Institute of Spain (INCIBE), the Organization of American States (OAS) and the National Center for the Protection of Critical Infrastructure (CNPIC).

33 different countries have participated in the event. Spain was represented by 8 teams and competed with 10 other European countries, 18 Latin American countries, 1 African country, 3 Asian countries and the United States.

The exercise involved a CTF (Capture the Flag) type team competition in which challenges of different categories such as reverse engineering, forensics, cryptography and pentesting are solved. These types of activities are aimed at strengthening the capabilities to respond to cyber incidents.

In the following article you can read more about the competition:

Within the framework of Cyberwall Academy you can learn about these and other cybersecurity and cryptocurrency skills. The free course, organized by USAL, the AIR Institute and the National Police, aims to deepen our understanding of internet security and the training of the global society in this area.

Our group is looking forward to more young talents and experts in cybersecurity joining our team. If you would like to become a part of us and are interested in training and developing innovative projects, send us your CV to

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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