Artificial intelligence for an improved travel experience

The presence of smart mobility is growing in Smart Cities and in the cities that are striving to become one. Providing comfort and facilities to users will lead to an enhanced travel experience. This is the objective of the My-TRAC project; to develop a platform for both public and private transport services, based on the application of advanced transport behaviour analyses and artificial intelligence algorithms.

The My_TRAC application works as a travel companion that helps the user to travel from point A to point B in a smooth and tailored way. The application will suggest available travel options and real-time information on the route, for example, delays or roadworks. The project is in its second pilot phase with transport companies and commuters from Athens, the Netherlands (several areas), Lisbon and Barcelona, yielding excellent results.

Contributing to the development of smart cities is one of our objectives, and projects like this one allow us to do our bit. In the coming days, a virtual day will be held with all partners and other interested parties to discover the functionalities of My-TRAC and how the application promotes better experiences for commuters.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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