Doing research on IoT and Blockchain in Maribor, Slovenia

Yeray Mezquita, member of the Bisite Research Group, works on projects related to new technologies. In the last years, his main focus was blockchain technology.

Yeray is doing his PhD thesis, so he travelled to Maribor city (Slovenia) at the beginning of March, to do a stay in the Blockchain lab: UM. research group, to continue his research and to contribute his knowledge and experience in the area of blockchain-driven IoT systems.


Yeray’s stay coincided with the period when coronavirus held sway of Europe, so he had to keep developing his project at home, but this was not a reason to stop his research.

Our colleague has succeeded in developing a model that enables interoperability between different blockchain ledgers within the supply chain. He has also been writing up expert articles and working with other colleagues from Salamanca on the study of the challenges faced by cryptocurrencies within the automated data markets, focusing on legal and regulatory frameworks in different countries.

It’s a completely different experience from the type of research stay we’re used to, however, Yeray was able to make the best of the situation and we hope that he will soon return to Salamanca to share with us all that he has learned in Maribor.


If you are interested in technologies such as IoT or blockchain, the Bisite Research Group and the University of Salamanca offer these and other degrees geared towards new technologies.

Master in Internet of Things (IoT):

 Master in Blockchain and Smart contracts:


Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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