ICT as a boost to business digitisation

Information and communication technologies (ICT) are a great opportunity for companies to reinvent themselves. However, this process requires a customised plan which will determine the solutions that are best for a particular company. According to the 2019 statistics, 47% of large Spanish companies and 11% of SMEs  have begun their digital transformation processes using ICTs.

The most demanded technologies in this area are big data, artificial intelligence, robotics, cyber security, blockchain and chatbots. During the global health crisis, the use of these technologies has increased, but so did the demand for specialists who could develop strategic plans aimed at project management and company digitalization.

According to the report on ‘Employability and Digital Talent 2019’ elaborated by the VASS Foundation and the Autonomous University of Madrid, if the lack of tech professionals is solved, it would be possible to create 15% more specialized jobs in the ICT sector.

Regarding this problem, the Master’s Degree in Information Systems Management at the University of Salamanca is aimed at people interested in acquiring the knowledge needed to direct and coordinate ICT projects, in which tech and software is developed and implemented.

In our Master you will learn about ICT operational management, management and productivity, as well as startups. You will also get prepared for the PMI certifications (PMP and CAPM) and the opportunity to do an internship in companies.

You can benefit from a 25% discount if you are one of the first 5 students enrolled in this Master’s Degree.


Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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