Rapid deployment of DeepTech AI models in engineering solutions during ASET 2020

During the Third Multiple International Conference on Advances in Engineering Science and Technology (ASET 2020) in Dubai, we had the opportunity to examine the changes in artificial intelligence and the strength it has acquired in recent years.

The increasing processing capacity, the low cost of the cloud, and the growing need for progress have led to the development of new and powerful algorithms. The efficiency of those algorithms in the processing of Big Data, Deep Learning and Convolutional Networks is transforming the way we work and is opening new horizons. Thanks to them, we can now analyse data and obtain solutions that would have been inconceivable a short time ago.

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However, our success is not only based on the development of algorithms, but also comes from our ability to follow our “instinct” when choosing the best combination of algorithms for intelligent development. It’s about engaging in engineering with the right knowledge. This implies the use of connectionist and symbolic systems, and having a complete understanding of algorithms. In addition, to address current problems, we must work with historical and real-time data. We must fully understand the problem, its temporal evolution, as well as the relevance and implications of each piece of data.

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In addition, we analysed the importance of complementary technologies such as IoT and Blockchain in the development of intelligent systems. We showed how tools such as Deep Intelligence make it possible to create computer systems efficiently and effectively. Intelligent infrastructures must incorporate all value-added resources so that they can offer useful services to society, while reducing costs, guaranteeing reliability and improving the quality of life of citizens. The combination of AI with IoT and blockchain offers a world of new possibilities and opportunities.

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Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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