AIR Institute opens a new branch in Béjar

Yesterday we visited the premises of the International Research Institute for Artificial Intelligence and Computer Science – AIR Institute – in Béjar. The research centre will have offices that have been refurbished and granted by the City Council of Béjar inside of the building conceived as the city’s Entrepreneurship Centre.

The objective of the Foundation is the promotion and development of scientific activity and technological innovation, whereby the premises in Béjar are one of the fundamental axes within the strategic plan. Four contracts have already come into effect, and new contracts will be signed in the coming months, until a group of at least 30 people is formed. To this end, we will engage in activities to attract and retain talent by encouraging the incorporation of new professionals, who will come from all over the world, although priority will be given to recruiting students from the Béjar School of Industrial Engineering.


The main lines of research to be pursued will focus on intelligent textiles, providing support to Bejar’s textile companies through new innovations in the sector and trying to place the city once again as a benchmark in this industry. Other lines of research will include the digitalisation of the industry, IoT, Edge Computing, Blockchain and Artificial Intelligence.

At all times we will seek to transfer all this knowledge to the local population, through support and promotion of the above-mentioned areas of research; the promotion of competitiveness and business internationalisation; social development and improvement of the rural environment by promoting projects related to information technology and communications.

The news has been repeated in several local media.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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