Blockchain is penetrating many sectors thanks to its security and transparency. These powerful qualities facilitate its application to different areas. Blockchain allows to manage information and carry out operations with complete security, for this reason, emblematic sectors, like the bank and finances, are the pioneers in the use of this technology and the leaders of many investigations.

The BISITE Group is aware of the effectiveness of this technology and for this reason, it is working on a project called INNOBLOCKCHAIN, a technological solution based on this distributed ledger and smart contracts. It links suppliers, intermediaries and end users, in the provision of services.

We have begun to work on this Project in collaboration with the TELECYL Company, towards the end of 2017. We are planning to conclude it in August, 2020, with a total investment of 971.400,75 euros. The project’s main objective is to generate security and trust in digital procurement services through Blockchain technology, which will be used to increase transparency in all the elements of the process, guaranteeing in this way, that formalized contracts comply with what had been established in the original proposals.

BISITE is strongly committed to the development of this technology. It is the key topic of many of its current projects and of those that are about to start. Also, we provide specific Blockchain training, delivered by specialists in this sector.

Posted by Juan M. Corchado

Catedrático en el Área de Ciencias de la Computación e Inteligencia Artificial de la Universidad de Salamanca. Director del Grupo de Investigación BISITE // Full Professor in Area of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence at University of Salamanca. Director of the BISITE Research Group