Machine Learning for data processing

Nowadays, data are seen as the best tool for providing quality services; the more we know about a client, the better the product or service we offer because it adapts to their needs.

Data has been important throughout the human history; we have always collected information. However, the current technological developments allow us to not only store information but also classify it and analyse it to obtain valuable knowledge and use it for different purposes.

In connection to this, since November 2017 the BISITE Group has been working alongside TELECYL, on the INNOCOGNITIVO project. This project focuses on the development of cognitive systems for the collection of client data. It aims to obtain data from different sources and automate data processing through natural language processing and machine learning technologies. The project is likely to conclude in August 2020, with a total funding of 1.031.962,34 € received from the strategic business plans program in the scope of R&D&i.

INNOCOGNITIVO, proposes the design of an intelligent tool for the processing of structured and unstructured data relevant to the customers for the purpose of automating and improving the services offered to them. In addition, the tool will allow businesses to develop internal and external solutions. On the basis of the obtained data it will be possible to organize marketing campaigns, improve client experience and attain greater knowledge of the sales. Internally, business decision support services and back office processes will be improved.


The BISITE Research Group is aware of the countless opportunities that data provide us with. We want to make the best of those possibilities by finding new solutions that will serve the society.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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