The growing importance of security

One of the greatest concerns of private entities like Public Administration is the security of the network. The safety of client data is essential for building loyalty. The BISITE Research Group is working in this field to help diverse entities. Our research is aimed at the elimination of problems created by SPAM messages, protection of relational databases against SQL injections and protection of Cloud Computing systems.

The projects we are developing intend to improve security in different areas. Those projects include: DOYFE, iDMAS-SQL, PIAR, Real-Time CBR-Agent DoS detection and SpamHunting.

  • We’re working on the DOYFE project in collaboration with Flag Solutions. It is focused on designing an online system for the verification of digital documents and for the prevention of fraud.
  • iDMAS- SQL aims to prevent the most common threats faced by databases and web applications. SQL injection attacks allow intruders to modify data without access permits.
  • Real-Time CBR-Agent DoS, whose objective is to guarantee the security, integrity and confidentiality of information, avoiding problems related to the denial-of-services (DoS).
  • SpamHunting develops solutions which reduce mass spam. Spammers change the nature of their messages frequently in order to avoid filters. The SpamHunting project has created a successful filtering model for e-mail which is implemented through improved tracking of concept drift for unwanted messages.
  • PIAR is a preventive mechanism which detects any threats in networks and counteracts them before they occur. It identifies the influencer and their actions, limiting their influence without infringing on their freedom of expression. This project has the potential of becoming a global and unified solution for the detection of cybercrime and other malicious online sites.

As you can see, security is one of our greatest concerns and therefore we work actively to provide users and organizations with effective solutions that will protect them.



Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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