The GatEBike project, smart bicycles for the cities of the future

We have grown to care more about the environment and believe that sustainable transport in cities is paramount. Bicycles seem to have become an alternative form of transport and there is an increasing number of cycling enthusiasts. Cities advocate the use of environmentally friendly vehicles; not only do they not cause pollution, they are also healthy for us and reduce traffic. In the last years, investment in infrastructures has made cycling easier and safer, encouraging more people to cycle.


Our project, GatEBike, proposes a bicycle with a built-in  technological architecture. An intelligent remote control is used to manage the bike, for example the power of the motor can be adjusted to the cyclist’s physiological parameters. Moreover, different devices can act as a remote control, like a joystick, a touch screen or a smartphone.  This new bicycle prototype is definitely the first of its kind and provides users with extra features. Prefect collaboration between humans and machines is something that we have strived for and achieved in this proposal; this is the road to success for constructing much more efficient, connected societies.

The GatEBike project is funded by the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness and the European Fund for Regional Development (FEDER). It was developed by the members of the BISITE Research Group and the Stage Motion Company from Castile y Leon which is a leading company in Design, Manufacture and Distribution of automotive electronic components and has branches in Europe, America and Asia.

Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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