Month: February 2018

Promoting Dream Go project with the Discovergy

Last Friday I met with the managers of Discovergy, the leading provider of Smart Metering technology and services, and one of the participants of the DREAM GO project, together with the BISITE Group and other organizations from the USA and Portugal.

Mobile World Congress 2018, in what direction is mobile technology moving?

The Mobile World Congress 2018 begins today and will end on March 1st. This congress has been organized in Barcelona annually since many years now. It brings together over 100,000 attendees and the most cutting-edge companies in the field of new mobile technologies.

The GatEBike project, smart bicycles for the cities of the future

We have grown to care more about the environment and believe that sustainable transport in cities is paramount. Bicycles seem to have become an alternative form of transport and there is an increasing number of cycling enthusiasts.

Sensors Journal Special Issue “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Sensor Networks”

I would like to invite you to send your contributions to the Special Issue “Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Sensor Networks” which belongs to the “Intelligent Sensors” section. The deadline for manuscript submission is June 30, 2018

The Directorate of VITARTIS visits the facilities of the BISITE Research Group

VITARTIS is a Food Industry Association in Castile and Leon. It represents the food sector in our region and its role is to establish links with different organizations in this field. VITARIS’ aim is to increase competitiveness in the industry, the association does this by promoting innovation and affiliating itself with universities and technological centers in Castile and Leon.

“Wireless Sensors Networks in Activity Detection and Context Awareness” Special Issue in Sensors Journal

BISITE is coordinating the Special Issue “Wireless Sensors Networks in Activity Detection and Context Awareness” within the framework of the Sensors journal.  Sensors (JCR 2016 Impact Factor 2.677) provides an advanced forum for sensor and biosensor science and technology.

WORKSHOP on “IoT approaches for distributed computing, communications and new applications”

The BISITE Research Group would like to invite you to participate in a WORKSHOP on “IoT approaches for distributed computing, communications and new  applications”, it is part of the framework of the 15th International Conference […]

First IoT and blockchain workshop organized as part of the IOTEC project coordinated by the BISITE Research Group

The first Internet of Things (IoT) and Blockchain workshop will take place in the University’s R+D+i building this Thursday, starting at 3 p.m. This workshop will allow students and traditional SMEs to discover how these innovative technologies can be applied to their ideas and businesses.

A project that makes your talent visible, BeEmp.

New technologies have an increasingly significant impact on our lives. They not only change the way we communicate with one another, but also many other aspects of our day to day, such as our social and shopping habits. Searching for employment and the recruitment of workers have also been revolutionized, since new technologies provide new ways of finding talented employees wherever they are. This aspect turns the internet into a global tool.