I am the rector that this University needs here and now

I have a global vision, experience in the creation of national and international projects and positive contacts with other institutions and Universities of renowned prestige, as well as a commitment to direct this University from the 20th of November.

I share with you a part of the interview that I did with Noticias Castilla y León:

– Why do you want to be the rector of the University of Salamanca?
– I present myself for rector with a firm conviction that I am the most suitable candidate for leading our University to a new stage. This is because my journey as a student, professor, dean and vice rector of this University provided me with a global vision. I truly believe that the challenges we are to face require all this knowledge, enthusiasm and joy with which I tend to face new tasks. I have a profound understanding of the University and for this reason, I know which way we have to choose in order to open new horizons, with more convictions, with a group of an admirable stature and most of all, with the endorsement of numerous colleagues who passionately support this project and our candidature.

–What would you say to those who believe the candidates only care about being in the photos of the Eight Centenary?
–I would say to them that the University of Salamanca has been active since eight centuries and if any of the candidates has these sad objectives then it would bring disastrous consequences for all of us. The institution that unites us has such a great dignity that such miserable goals cannot have place.

– What are the urgent improvements that our University requires?
– Primarily, stability, promotion and rejuvenation of our personnel. It is necessary to offer tranquility in the workplace; this is crucial if we want to face new challenges in a University in the XXI century. It is important to have the necessary human and material resources, so that the members of the University can do their work and offer the best education; quality education. The University that we want should provide us with a friendly work atmosphere and with the best conditions, the best processes and minimal bureaucracy. It is very necessary to have a good financing policy for services, centers, departments, schools, as well as extensive mobility and internationalization plans alienated with strategic plans for University centers and departments.

–What are the proposals for students?
– We will focus on the employability of students. We want them to be on the best possible terms, so that they can face the labor market and be well prepared so that they can, for example, join a business, be competitive, undertake or start a teaching or research career. We will develop a complementary educational plan for them.

Students know that they are the center of our University, they are the absolute center because without them our work would not have any sense.

Taking a broader view at it, by being more demanding we will all benefit from the quality of what we do. However, to achieve this the University has to be an icon in teaching quality, research, employment, entrepreneurship and the transfer of knowledge, we all have to feel that we have an important role in the University. We have to provide students with access to information for their present and their future; we have to offer them closeness with the rectorate team and they have to feel it in their daily University life. They have to feel that they are the protagonists of their own learning and they should demand better conditions for their study, more resources and future work opportunities.


Read the full interview at this link.


Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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