The Scientific Park continues growing

Three new companies have joint this University of Salamanca infrastructure which will end the year with close to 75 companies from very diverse fields.

The Scientific Park continues to grow and it is predictable that by the end of this year it will have a total of 75 companies settled on its grounds. As indicated by the report published in La Gaceta, its expansion this year was 36% more than in the last year. In the last months, three new companies have settled on the Villamayor Campus. Artelnics, specialized in the development and application of the Big Data technology for the advanced analysis of data; this company will surely expand in the coming years due to its utility for all companies. Active Business & Technology, supplier and manufacturer of integrated solutions for company management, which makes its clients more competitive, and Ficosterra, which focuses on marine biotechnology.

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Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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