Formation of the Entrepreneurship and Self-employment work group of the Junta of Castile and Leon

The group considers up to 85 measures which will be elaborated over the next five years in annual plans, in order to ease their execution and follow-up.

The executive committee for group coordination for Entrepreneurial and Self-Employment work of the Junta of Castile and Leon, held a meeting yesterday in the Library of Colegio Arzobispo Fonseca. The first meeting proceeded to the official constitution of the work group. In addition, initial works have been presented and objectives and methods of work have been defined.

The work group is part of the Network of Entrepreneurship and Innovation of Castile and Leon (RedEI), consisting of main agents of the entrepreneurial and innovative ecosystem of the region. The Network itself operates under the framework of the Strategy for Entrepreneurship, Innovation and the Self-Employed of Castile and Leon. It includes 85 measures which will be elaborated on within a period of 5 years through annual plans which ease execution and follow-up.

This committee which I have the honor to preside, is constituted by diverse institutions, companies and NGOs from the area of Castile and Leon. USAL, the Provincial Council of Palencia, the Town Council of Leon, the Regional Council of Chambers, El Hueco de Soria Coworking, the UVA Scientific Park, the Caja Burgos Foundation, Telefónica Open Future, Tatiana Pérez de Guzmán el Bueno de Ávila Foundation, Association of Self-employed Workers ATA, Institute for Entrepreneurial Competitiveness of Castile and Leon (ICE), BeOnPrice, Atlas, Sociograph, Caja España-Duero, y Sodical.

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