Delivery of USAL Emprende awards and the Chair of Entrepreneurs of the University of Salamanca

These awards recognize the talent, effort and initiative of entrepreneurs who originate from the University of Salamanca.

With this award, the CEUSAL Chair, financed by the Bank of Santander, recognizes the best academic entrepreneurship works of USAL students, as well as their initiative, innovative capabilities and talent. In this regard, the panel of judges, which I had the honor to preside, decided to award USAL-Emprende prices to the following projects Neathea-Cosmética and BIO Nutrition with donkey milk; Bebés & Signos; Komorebi Psychotherapy Center; Top Clients and YoDono.

The 3000-euro funding received for these projects will be used to cover company formation expenses which, will additionally have the possibility of settling in USAL’s Scientific Park, with special co-working conditions during at least one year.

Furthermore, in the framework of the Chair of Entrepreneurs in the University of Salamanca (CEUSAL), directed by José Carlos Sánchez, CEUSAL awards have also been delivered in the category of Best Doctoral Thesis on Entrepreneurship, Best Master Thesis and Best Undergraduate Thesis.

The projects of Marco Lavandera and María Eugenia Libera have been awarded with first and second prize in the category of CEUSAL awards for Best Master Thesis.  Also in this category, two third awards have been granted to the works of Olga María Aucar Merchán and Noreimig Natalí Chourio. These students received 900€, 650€ y 450€ for the first, second and third prizes respectively.

The CEUSAL Awards for the Best Undergraduate Thesis have been granted to Andrea Fernández Gracia and Jorge Sánchez Fuentes, who received 500€ and 350€.

My congratulations to all award winners!


More information: Comunicación Universidad de Salamanca

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