“Art Gallery” the internationalization of the work of Fine Art students

The pursue of this initiative is to promote art created in the University of Salamanca on the international scale.

The objective set forth by Carmen Lidón Beltrán Mir, the director of the ARTDIDAKTION research group is to promote and disseminate internationally, the art created by talented students at USAL’s Faculty of Fine Arts. In this way, students’ artworks will reach people and alternative spaces outside the conventional circuits.

For this reason, we introduced the online “Art Gallery” yesterday at the faculty of Fine Arts. This initiative will without doubt aid the employability of fine art students and as I already said at the presentation it is the life project of professor Lidón Beltrán.

Although this research group tends to take part in many town projects, it was necessary to extend the scope of their work by using the advantages offered by new technological media. For this reason, we believe that the Art Gallery is a modern measure which did not exist in our University up until now. It will help to make the work of our students known at an international level.

In addition, it will allow the University to participate in more European projects, what will boost its internationalization.

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