Leading Universities are those that offer quality education and research

In the XXI century, universities have to compete between one another, in order to achieve the prestige that they need to attract students. This can be done by improving the teaching quality and by the social visibility provided by research.

A good level of professors and their teaching, important researchers, high impact publications and outstanding research projects, are key elements for making a positive assessment of a university institution.

We know that at the moment, the University of Salamanca is a distinguished for its Teaching, however we should not drop our guard.  After years of implementing new study plans for European convergence, it is necessary to optimize teaching and deliver an educational offer to the society that is oriented at and applies to the needs. In order to continue improving we have to make sure that we have the best teaching and human resources, professors and PAS (administration and services personnel), what will allow progress at all levels; Undergraduate, Postgraduate and Doctorate. For this reason, we believe that the prime lines of action should be the following:

  • Develop plans for the support of teaching activities, disseminate science-teaching and practices in centers and companies, bringing academic education closer to the professional world.
  • Tailor the regulations and create a more attractive and adapted Postgraduate Program for our students.
  • Increase the presence of technologies through the development of teaching units in centers that provide technical support and ease the work of teachers and students in order to offer the best practical and theoretical training: better equipped laboratories, bibliographic resources, scanners, mobile devices, etc.
  • Get more computer tools and lend computers and tablets, as well as design a computer leasing plan for students with an option to purchase at the end of their Degree and/or Master studies.
  • Implement new training programs that are considered necessary or strategic, as well as dual international degrees through the signing of agreements with other institutions.
  • Promote well-funded national and international mobility programs that allow students to complete their training in other universities if they wish.
  • Establish new scholarship programs at Masters and PhD levels.
  • Improve the continuous training of teachers and facilitate the development of educational innovation projects that will be adequately funded and aligned with the needs of schools and departments.
  • Modernize centers and infrastructures to support teaching and research in a sustainable and energy efficient way.

The University of Salamanca, is a fundamental part of our society. We have to assure that all its students reach their full potential, and have an unforgettable experience in this historical University equipped with infrastructures and modern resources. We believe that it is possible to achieve these goals.


Juan Manuel Corchado

Full Professor in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, Department of Computer Science and Automation, University of Salamanca, Spain.


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