Caja Rural and the Council promote USAL’s research in the primary sector

The two entities will provide 150.000 euro to finance projects that offer practical and innovative solutions to the agricultural sector.

The II Call for Research Projects aimed at offering solutions to the primary sector, is already underway. Caja Rural of Salamanca and the Council of Salamanca will collaborate with the University, with the aim of developing research projects that will favor the farming sector of our community. In this way, both entities will contribute with 150.000 euros which will allow to transfer practical, innovative and efficient solutions to the most important economic sector of our region. The development of our rural environment is essential and the University of Salamanca can play a very important role in the technological development of our fields, as we are demonstrating since two years. It is clear that the relationship of the University with the rest of institutions and companies from the province is extraordinary. This is the only way if we want to continue working together for the development of new lines of research that will boost other largely relevant projects with national and international financing.

At the presentation of this call I was accompanied by the president of Caja Rural in Salamanca, Ernesto Moronta and the president of the Council, Javier Iglesias.


More information: Comunicación Universidad de Salamanca

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Juan Manuel Corchado

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