Offers online and part-time attendence modes.

The Master in the Development of Social Media Systems continues for one more year on the list of postgraduate courses offered by the University of Salamanca.  Adequate and updated training that adapts itself to the current market and which offers the possibility of doing internships in the consolidated businesses, such as BeOnPrice and Juan Llorens Comunicación.

This Course can be done in online and part-time attendance modes, with a program that teaches students to work in multidisciplinary teams and with adequate tools. Only in this way can we achieve maximum Return on Investment (ROI).

The Master in Social Media prepares students to undertake and carry out their business plans in the digital world. It helps to improve the image and the reputation of the business on the Internet and to benefit from all the possibilities offered by this channel for communicating with clients.

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Posted by Juan M. Corchado

Vicerrector de Investigación y Transferencia - Universidad de Salamanca // Vice President for Research and Technology Transfer - University of Salamanca

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